Hugo Tse

CIMDA offers opportunities for students to familiarise themselves with the actual working environment. Here, their staff members provide a lot of support for students to learn from exceptional experiences, such as using Qt to explore 3D model applications and related research. It has been a meaningful experience for me to apply my learnt skills and concepts here.

Walker Chan

This internship has allowed me to get to know more about motion capture and its application. I have gained practical skills and knowledge in machine learning, and the company has served as a professional platform for us to develop our expertise. Moreover, it gave me more hands-on experiences by letting me apply what I have learned, especially my programming knowledge at the workplace.

Nicole Yip

It is my first time joining a company internship. I felt a bit lost at the beginning, but CIMDA has given me great support to overcome it. I have learnt a lot during the internship period, including machine learning and programming. I have also discovered that my soft skills, such as communications with others, were deeply improved thanks to working in a real industrial environment.

Tommer Ching

I am very grateful to CIMDA for providing me with this internship. The company has given me much valuable experience, and has also offered me plenty of opportunities to learn new skills and further consolidate my knowledge. I have learned a lot about deep learning and 3D modelling during this internship, and it has been enjoyable with the highly ideal working environment.

Sean Kong

During my stay at CIMDA, I have used the Unreal Engine blueprints to animate objects and Vircadia with HTML and JS to create an elderly-care application. I learned a lot through this experience at the Centre, as I was able to know how a company develops a commercial product, and participate in the process.