During my time at CIMDA, I had the opportunity to contribute to a wearable device project, in which I developed a position output system that provided intuitive orientation visualization. This experience not only enhanced my technical and soft skills, but also allowed me to bridge the gap between the knowledge I have learnt in university and its practical application in the workplace.


My internship at CIMDA was truly transformative. Not only did I gain invaluable skills, but I have also discovered a new possible career path in 3D modelling. The camaraderie and warmth at CIMDA fostered an environment where interns felt comfortable seeking guidance and sharing ideas. They also provided many resources for interns to learn and develop our 3D modelling skills. It has been a fruitful and rewarding experience.


The CIMDA internship gave me an opportunity to get accustomed to working in an IT field, gaining both practical knowledge and working experiences. This company provided me with a friendly environment to learn about coding, writing websites and the utilization of artificial intelligence. The time spent here is very rewarding, and the staffs here are all welcoming and kind.


This internship has been an incredibly fruitful experience for my summer. Working alongside friendly and supportive colleagues, I had the opportunity to immerse myself in programming and take on challenging projects that greatly enhanced my skills. The guidance and support provided by my teammates were invaluable, making this internship experience both meaningful and unforgettable for me.


When I first arrived at CIMDA, I felt quite nervous. However, my colleagues provided me with a lot of help and support, and I eventually adapted to my working environment. CIMDA gave me the opportunity to explore and learn 3D modelling, including using 3D apps such as Blender and ZBrush. Additionally, I used Photoshop for website design. Through this internship, I learned to socialize and get along with my colleagues. I witnessed my significant improvement throughout the internship as I gained valuable skills and techniques customized for the tech industry. This precious internship experience has prepared me for future work.